My name is Christine and I’m a 30 something marketer living in Toronto, Canada. I grew up in this city and will likely die here – but in the time in between will be chronicling my adventures, from the day-to-day shenanigans to the grand ventures, here on Uncultured Trash.

Uncultured Trash is a lifestyle blog for all of us who when we meet someone new, pray frantically that they will be as weird as us. It’s for the music junkie that doesn’t understand why people “talk” on road trips when there is a perfectly good sound system right there. It’s for the book lover who sleeps through their morning alarm after staying up too late to read just one more chapter. It’s for people who love what they love just a little more than most can understand.

And what do I love? Indie music, fiction, food, wine, beer, whiskey, dogs, art, dancing, lakes, beaches, community, feminism, friends, fringe, stale licorice, laughing, and lovers.

But no pop culture.

Want to connect?

Follow me on Twitter @ChristineTesta

Or email me at Christine (dot) Testa (at) gmail (dot) com


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