Arcade Fire

Top 5 Tuesday – Brass

There are instruments and there are instruments. I learned the clarinet a bit, I can play a bit of guitar, I’m learning to play the banjo, I even used to know how to play a few different things on the drums  – anyone who is obsessed with music as much as I am is inevitably going to try there hand at recreating it (however poorly).

However, there is one instrument I love, but I’ll never pick one up to try. When ever I hear brass instruments I loose my breath, I feel a fluttering in my chest, my head falls back, eyes closed and can’t help but feel some sort of rapture.

This weeks Top 5 Tuesday is dedicated to some of the most beautiful and unexpected brass sections that give me the tingles.

Neko Case – Ragtime

Broken Social Scene – Meet Me in the Basement

Arcade Fire – No Cars No Go

Cat Power – Lived In Bars

Joe Cocker – The Letter

Thanks so much to Morgan, Matthew P. Matthew L., Kurt, Heather, Lorna, Shane and Mitch for their amazing suggestions on bands that rock brass. Who do you folks think should be added here?

Post Script – I really wanted to add Imaginary Cities, That’s Where it’s at Sam. Alas the only videos I could find were live and wee indie acts from Winnipeg can’t  always afford to take the trumpets on tour. It’s a great one if you can find it!