Taylor Swift

Internet Fail of the Day: This is Not Cultural Appropriation

So, I’m going to write about Taylor Swift. 

I know right? So much for not pop culture… But I don’t want to talk about the music or that absolutely perfect red lipstick.

I want to talk about cultural appropriation and how this is not that.

Cultural appropriation is adopting a style of dress, activity, language or [insert any noun or verb you feel like here] in a way that separates it from its true meaning and purpose and is in someway disrespectful. A white girl twerking, an Asian man break dancing – these things are not cultural appropriation if it is a genuine exploration of new movements, self expression and dance.

When I watched the above all I saw was a lady admitting that she can try to fit into various stereotypes and labels but it only makes her look (and feel) foolish. This followed by many, many people who authentically identify with the group and they are beautiful and graceful and strong. If anything, it’s an argument about respecting those that be themselves.

When people jump up and down yelling “that’s racist” at every thing they make it that much harder for things that are inappropriate, cruel, and disrespectful to be taken seriously. This whole thing is terribly silly.

Way to fail miserably internet.

(I really want her lipstick.)