Top 5 Tuesday: Whose Got Soul?

There is no possible way to narrow this list to a real top 5, but here is a killer playlist of soul and motown that is guaranteed to have you swaying, singing and dancing along. Damn I wish I could sing like these folks.

Jimmy Ruffin – What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

Sam Cooke – Twistin’ the Night Away

Etta James – Something’s Got a Hold on Me

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Wilson Pickett – Land of a Thousand Dances

American Horror Story season 4 Premieres October 8!

It is with much excitement, a little bit of chair dancing, and goosebumps abound that I have the pleasure of sharing this.

It’s baaaack.

American Horror Story season Four Freakshow  will be premiering this October 8th to satisfy your need for creep and carnies. Get ready to grasp your lover’s arm and shrieking, “Oh my god! They’re gonna – OH MY GOD they are! I can’t watch. I can’t stop watching.”

Rumours are abound that there will be a killer clown… check out the trailer below. 

Internet Fail of the Day: This is Not Cultural Appropriation

So, I’m going to write about Taylor Swift. 

I know right? So much for not pop culture… But I don’t want to talk about the music or that absolutely perfect red lipstick.

I want to talk about cultural appropriation and how this is not that.

Cultural appropriation is adopting a style of dress, activity, language or [insert any noun or verb you feel like here] in a way that separates it from its true meaning and purpose and is in someway disrespectful. A white girl twerking, an Asian man break dancing – these things are not cultural appropriation if it is a genuine exploration of new movements, self expression and dance.

When I watched the above all I saw was a lady admitting that she can try to fit into various stereotypes and labels but it only makes her look (and feel) foolish. This followed by many, many people who authentically identify with the group and they are beautiful and graceful and strong. If anything, it’s an argument about respecting those that be themselves.

When people jump up and down yelling “that’s racist” at every thing they make it that much harder for things that are inappropriate, cruel, and disrespectful to be taken seriously. This whole thing is terribly silly.

Way to fail miserably internet.

(I really want her lipstick.)

Top 5 Tuesday: Escape the City

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of some one-on-one time with one of my favourite people in the whole world when a much beloved friend invited me to join her at her family cottage. Though the weather was less than ideal, we made the most of it with elaborately prepared meals, some very competitive gin rummy, and some spontaneous dance parties. On the grey, cool Saturday we explored a local historical village and national park, and indulged in some DIY mani / pedi / facials while watching Dirty Dancing. Then Sunday we enjoyed a few blissful hours at the beach successfully washing away all the city stress and securing some very awkward sun burns before hitting up the farmer’s market, the local ice creamery and heading home.

This summer, I can’t seem to stand being in the city – so this week’s Top 5 Tuesday is dedicated to all things countryside. A must-listen playlist to help you forget that you’re surrounded by concrete, and to help you remember how it feels to dip your toes in the lake.

Otis Redding – Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine

Van Morrison – Sweet Thing

Tragically Hip – Bob Caygeon

Wooden Sky – Oh My God (It Still Means a Lot to Me)

Top 5 Tuesday – Pump It!

July was not a fitnessy month. It was not even remotely a health conscious month. It was a chain smoking, pass me another beer, so what if I want a fourth slice of pizza month. So somewhere between tugging down my t-shirt, and digging to the back of the closet for a less skinny pair of skinnies I thought I’d share my top 5 tracks to listen to at the gym. Which I swear I’m going to be listening to 4 times a week. Ok maybe three.

Go! Team – Bottle Rocket

Girltalk – This is the Remix

^^ explicit lyrics kiddos

Justice – D.A.N.C.E

TV on the Radio – Wolf Like Me

David Bowie – John I’m Only Dancing

Top 5 Tuesday – The Movie was Great, but OH that Soundtrack!!

Happy post Simcoe Day Canada!

To celebrate the day off on Monday, I took some special me time and watched one of my absolute favourite movies of all time while snacking on chocolate chips, drinking peppermint tea, and trying to determine if I was hungover or if I had just danced too hard the night prior (it was dancing, so much hair shaking, and jumping, and, yes, high kicks, the running man, and a re-enactment of Flash Dance). Today’s Top 5 Tuesday is inspired by some of my favourite film soundtracks.

Velvet Goldmine  – Baby’s on Fire

A movie inspired by the love affair between Iggy Pop and David Bowie, but jam packed with conspiracy theories, alien references, and gratuitous everything. The whole soundtrack is filled with original scores and every song, every single one, is a glam rock dream.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch – Wig in a Box

Another original score, another cult classic. This is one of my go-to time to get dolled up songs.

Royal Tenenbaums – These Days by Nico

Picking just one song from just one Wes Anderson film was nearly impossible. Everything the man touches is gold, GOLD I say.

Pulp Fiction – Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon by Urge Overkill

Iconic. No further explanation required.

Once – Falling Slowly

An original soundtrack full of these two beautiful voices singing through heartbreak and love. So many feelings.


What films would you add to the list?


Gender Politics and Jenny Lewis

A couple weeks back, I was on a writing date with my ridiculously talented girlfriend T-pumps. Somewhere between lavish praise for the Oxford Comma and a “could you please pass me a chocolate covered pretzel,” we got to talking about what music we were listening too lately.

I was on a Hey Rosetta! kick, and T-pumps was hitting replay on Jenny Lewis’ new single One of they Guys, “But,” she tells me, “there is this one line that just kills a piece of my soul every time I hear it.”

So we watch…

**side bar: I never thought I would say this but Anne Hathaway looks smoking hot in this video

… and lo and behold, Jenny is crooning about how her desire for a baby is getting in the way of “being one for the guys.” Ugh. Vomit.

T-pumps and i were unable to come to terms. Given the context of the video, I was sure the line was ironic – I mean the whole video is one giant gender parody. T-pumps thought it was a genuine sentiment. Eventually we agreed to disagree (though she hoped I was right), cracked open another beer, and I returned to lamenting how I lacked her descriptive style.

Then this morning, I saw this.

“That’s the whole point of that song: if I don’t want to have kids I don’t want to have kids and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not saying that I won’t someday but I’m talking about an issue that isn’t often talked about in music. So I think there’s that and I think there’s still the comparison between female artists to each other like, ‘she’s good among this (group of female songwriters).’ But really I just want to be a songwriter. And I’ve had to work really hard and I’ve had to fight for my rights as a female front-person of a band,” Jenny Lewis said during her interview with

First of all, argument won.

Second of all, the arts industry has a long way to go before it recognizes women as cultural producers rather than just reproducers.

Third of all, Just One of the Guys is GORGEOUS unplugged.


Top 5 Tuesday – Brass

There are instruments and there are instruments. I learned the clarinet a bit, I can play a bit of guitar, I’m learning to play the banjo, I even used to know how to play a few different things on the drums  – anyone who is obsessed with music as much as I am is inevitably going to try there hand at recreating it (however poorly).

However, there is one instrument I love, but I’ll never pick one up to try. When ever I hear brass instruments I loose my breath, I feel a fluttering in my chest, my head falls back, eyes closed and can’t help but feel some sort of rapture.

This weeks Top 5 Tuesday is dedicated to some of the most beautiful and unexpected brass sections that give me the tingles.

Neko Case – Ragtime

Broken Social Scene – Meet Me in the Basement

Arcade Fire – No Cars No Go

Cat Power – Lived In Bars

Joe Cocker – The Letter

Thanks so much to Morgan, Matthew P. Matthew L., Kurt, Heather, Lorna, Shane and Mitch for their amazing suggestions on bands that rock brass. Who do you folks think should be added here?

Post Script – I really wanted to add Imaginary Cities, That’s Where it’s at Sam. Alas the only videos I could find were live and wee indie acts from Winnipeg can’t  always afford to take the trumpets on tour. It’s a great one if you can find it!

Ten Bands I’ll Listen to in Hell

During my early morning social media fix, an article from Salon Magazine showed up in my Facebook called Ten bands I will forced to listen to in hell. Could there ever be more delicious click bait for a music snob like me? Alas, author Sean Beadoin (part of the band the Weeklings, a band I won’t likely bother looking into now) doesn’t share my extraordinary taste on most musical matters. Billy Joel? Weezer? Pearl Jam? One man’s hell is starting to sound a lot like another woman’s heaven.

But it did get me wondering  – what bands would be played for my eternal torture? In no particular order:

  1. Hootie and the Blowfish
  2. Celine Dion
  3. U2
  4. Oasis (kudos to Sean for getting this one right)
  5. Insane Clown Posse
  6. Phish (my husband is going to kill me for writing that one)
  7. Nickleback
  8. Coldplay
  9. Hanson
  10. Jonas Brothers

I know I’ll get some guff for these but I HATE them. Put on your cranky, judgemental pants and tell me your worst, all-time, top ten torture bands.





Ottawa Folk Fest

So excited for payday this week – because with this paycheque comes tix to go see Ottawa Folk Fest with one of favourite music junkies, my dear Mag-pie.

Every summer I try to catch at least one music festival: Arts and Crafts Festival, Field Trip, Hillside, Luminato, NXNE, anything. But this summer just raced by too quickly – I haven’t seen a single live show since the snow melted. The Ottawa Folk Fest should hopefully fill that void with five glorious days of (hopefully) sunshine, grassy fields, and a fantastic line up of bands.

  • Foster the People
  • Gaslight Anthem
  • Wooden Sky
  • Coeur De Pirate
  • Sun Kill Moon
  • Elephant Revival
  • Adam Cohen
  • The National
  • Wake Owl
  • Craig Cardiff

The best part about festivals is the hope that you’ll discover something new and unknown. Something that will steal your heart away. There are a couple dozen bands playing I’ve never even heard of at the festival and I can’t wait to hear something new. 

What concerts are you all looking forward to before the summer ends?